Release of stable GnuCash version 1.6.7

Chris Lyttle
15 Aug 2002 02:07:46 -0700

 The GnuCash team is pleased to announce the release of stable version
1.6.7. This is mainly to fix some important bugs that have cropped up
and add some additional translations to the stable series. Please
continue to report problems to our new module in As
usual, if you feel the need to speak to us or even just to encourage us
to move forward on the next major version please either join the mailing
list at or come on
and chat with us in the #gnucash channel.

1.6.7 - 11 August 2002
o Updated or new translations for Japanese, Italian, Traditional
Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, German, Swedish,
Portuguese, Brasilian Portugese
o Add French account hierarchy template
o Back-ported fix for locale of new accounts.
o File permission fix
o Changed "Opening Balances" to "Opening Balance" to unify the account
o Tweak for newer versions of db2html
o Fix a common crash (Gnome Bug #78132 et. al.) caused by a dangling
pointer reference.
o Add upper bounds checking on the versions of guile and g-wrap.
o Fix for guile-1.4.1 srfi problem.
o Added support for VWD as a quote source (Joachim Breitner)

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