EURO sign

Christian Stimming
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:56:55 +0200

Christian Pöllmann wrote:

> Hi folks,
> i have configured EURO as my currency. However, all reports do not display the 
> EURO sign but a different strange special character. 
> In the HTML export, the character appears to be ASCII 164. This IS the EURO 
> sign! 
> How do I teach GnuCash to display ASCI character 164 as the EURO sign?

Short answer: You can't. Euro signs in the HTML reports are not possible 
until gnucash is ported to Gnome2, which nobody has started so far and 
won't be the case until way next year.

Previous discussion:

Workaround: Change your locale to a locale where euro amounts are shown 
with the string "EUR" instead of the euro sign. For me, that was setting 
LANG=de_DE (instead of LANG=de_DE@euro) in the system-wide configuration