gnucash top level accts

Robert Uhl <>
09 Jul 2002 17:58:57 -0600

Todd Kokoszka <> writes:
> I was wondering what top accts in the acct tree people have?  I have
> little to nil accounting knowledge and would like to have a good
> organization for my assets/money.

I'm no accountant, but these are my accounts:

Savings (contains accounts for each bank savings account)
Assets (contains accounts for cars, loans to friends & family, furniture &c.)
Business (an asset account holding money I've lent my company)
Ready Money (contains accounts for chequing, cash, coinage &c.)
Credit Cards (self-explanatory)
Liabilities (accounts for all my debts)
Asset Appreciation (an income account to hold theoretical appreciation)
Income (accounts for taxable, non-taxable, taxed and tax income)
Expenses (a tree of all my various expense categories)
Taxes (an expense account; far too high)
<year> Carryover (an equity account for carryover from the previous year)

This is not the most strictly elegant scheme, but it works for me.

Robert Uhl <>
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