Dealing with unitized mutual funds in 401k

Brad Dixon
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 13:46:24 -0400


I've been working with gnucash for about 2 months now. Good work!

I've changed my 401k accounts from tracking just the value of the account 
to having subaccounts for each mutual fund owned and tracking shares. I've 
got the quote fetch working, too.

Some of my funds are based on a publicly traded fund (Putnam New Opp) but 
are then unitized by the 401k provider. From my reading this means that 
since what I actually own is shares of the public fund and shares of a 
short term investment the 401k trades internally using "units", not 

This works just fine in gnucash except for the quote system. I belive what 
I would have to do is fetch a quote for the public fund and then divide 
the price by a conversion factor to get the unit value.

Is there a method in gnucash to do this automatically? Right now I have to 
key in many fund unit prices manually when the quarterly statement 
arrives. Not so fun.



Brad Dixon (
Atlanta, GA