Euro conversion rounding error for IEP

Andrew S. Townley
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:57:47 -0400

I tried to see if this had already been addressed, but it doesn't look like it appears in either the ChangeLog or in the mailing list archives, so...

I looked through the conversion rates for IEP in the gnc-euro.c file, and it appears that the rate is correct, but I'm getting a 5 cent rounding error between what my bank says and what GNUCash says.  I don't know how the *->EUR stuff works, but if you do a simple division of the IEP balance by the conversion rate (0.787564), you get the new EUR balance according to my bank--I know, I know... Ireland converted to the Euro in January and it is now June.... :)  I'm just a little slow getting organized...

Anyway, I was wondering what the best workaround for this problem is because if I just make an adjustment in the account by 5 cents, it will work, but it will kinda skew the rest of the calculations.  I'm assuming that the error is related to cumulative rounding, but I could be wrong.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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