Accounts Receivable Question

Lane P. Lester
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:54:09 -0400

I'm making the first entries in a new Accounts Receivables account. I 
created it as an Asset account. One of the entries involves the sale of 
some items plus shipping charges. I did a split with the value of the items 
going to an Income account (Sales) and the shipping amount to Expenses: 
Reimburseable. Obviously, I did something wrong. The income part of the 
split worked OK, but not the shipping.

In my personal, not business, finances, whenever I spend some money that is 
going to be repaid to me, I post it in Expenses: Reimburseable, and then 
when I get paid back, I post it in Income: Reimbursements.
Lane P. Lester / Madison County, Georgia USA