Several questions: Invoicing, Config files, and CVS-Newbie Questions

Pete Gustafson
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 09:00:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,

My compliments to all the developers, I just began
using gnucash and think it is great.

A couple of questions...

I'm trying to send a customer an invoice, and could
use some help.  I've set up an accounts receivable
account sub-account for the customer (is this the best
way to do this?), and am satisfied with the info that
shows up on the invoice.  However, each time I bring
up the invoice I have to re-input the customer name
and address.  I've tried the set-to-default button
assuming that it would make the recently inputed info
the new default, but instead it blanks the info.  How
can I set the default as I would like it?  Can this be
done for each account seperately?

I tried looking at the config files thinking that may
be able to solve the problem.  The content isn't
obvious to me.  Can you point me to info on how to

Several features I'm interested in appear to be
available in Gnucash/CVS.  I can't seem to find it
anywhere, is that a developers release?   I'm new to
this type of thing, so forgive me if that is a dumb

I also spent some time searching for the faq, but
couldn't find it on  I guess the
archive of this mailing list could serve the purpose. 
Could you point me to the correct place if there is

Many thanks,

Pete Gustafson

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