Error on opening gnucash with postgres backend

Mike G mike at
Tue Dec 2 23:54:00 CST 2003


I started gnucash in debug mode and am getting errors that
pgendGetAccounts is not finding a few accounts. I queried the gncaccount
table for one of the account numbers listed in the debug info and I am
able to find that "number" in the parentguid column of the table.  I
have also found records of that "number" in the gncaccounttrail table.

Is their another table I should be checking?

Gnucash seems to be working ok but I am trying to import a qif file.  I
have imported other qif files in the past but this one file always
causes gnucash to hang.  The debug messages prior to it hanging also
reference that account foo cannot be found.  It hangs after clicking
next on the druid screen that asks to confirm the currency of the
transactions being imported.

If I kill the process after 20 minutes, re-open gnucash, then many of my
accounts appear in duplicate yet have different balances.

I am running 1.8.8 on Redhat 9.0 using postgres 7.3.4

Mike G <mike at>

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