Mixing GnuCash with windows

Donald Henson wepin at wepin.com
Fri Dec 12 11:55:00 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 19:02, Byron Weber Becker wrote:

> I currently use windows and cygwin.  I don't have Linux
> or variants installed;  if I did, it would be solely to
> support GnuCash.
> So, the big questions...  
> a) Are their alternatives for windows users besides
>    dual-booting windows and a unix variant?
> b) If not, am I correct that switching between GnuCash
>    and a Windows program involves rebooting the computer?
> Thanks
> Byron
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You should be able to install GnuCash under Cygwin. I've never tried it,
though. If you do, be sure to do a full backup first.

Don Henson

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