Display of the locale language

Eneko Lacunza listas at enlar.net
Tue Dec 30 08:46:00 CST 2003

Hi Caspar, 

	I don't know if you've been able to fix this yet...

El sáb, 20-12-2003 a las 00:29, Caspar Maessen escribió:
> Op woensdag 17 december 2003 23:36, schreef Eneko Lacunza:
>   > 	Can you check /usr/share/locale/nl_NL/LC_MESSAGES and
>                                                              ^^^^
> Doesn't exist!
>   > /usr/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES ?
>                                 ^^
> This one does.
>   > 	Where are xcdroast.mo, kwrite.mo and gnucash.mo?
> xcdroast.mo is in /usr/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES
> kwrite.mo doesn't exist
> gnucash.mo is in /usr/local/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/usr/local/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES

	It seems that your installation of gettext does not recognize
/usr/local/share/locale/ as a gettext catalog directory.

	You can try 2 things:

	1. ln -s /usr/local/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/gnucash.mo

	2. cp /usr/local/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/gnucash.mo

	Try (1) first, I think it should do and is cleaner. Other possibility
is to add /usr/local/share/locale to gettext catalog, I don't know how
it can be done, you can have a look in /etc/gettext maybe...

Good luck! :)

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