How to register a dividend in cash?

Le Hong Boi Le.Hong.Boi at
Sun Jun 22 13:03:28 CDT 2003

I am using GnuCash 1.8.1 on RedHat 9.0. Anyone please tell me how to
register a dividend in cash so that it is counted in the Advanced
Portfolio Report.
My Account Hierachy is as below:

|  |
|  +--Investments
|  |  |
|  |  +--Stocks
|  |     |
|  |     +--CII
|  |
|  +--Cash
|     |
|     +--On-hand

I have some shares in Assets:Investments:Stocks:CII. On Jan 20, I got
some amount of dividend from those share and I registered the
transaction using two accounts Income:Dividends:Stocks:CII and
Assets:Cash:On-hand. The Advanced Portfolio does not counts that
What is the correct way to register dividend in cash so that the
Advanced Portfolio report show it?
Thanks in advance,

Lê Hồng Bội
Le.Hong.Boi at

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