import gnucash flat file into psql

Mike G mike at
Mon Nov 3 21:50:19 CST 2003


I have been using gnucash for a few months now storing all my financials
in the gnucash flat file.

I have always had postgres on my pc and would now like to use gnucash
with it.

I have successfully created the database and tables in postgresql.  

I am now trying to import my current gnucash flat file into the database
but cannot figure out how to do it.  

I am using 1.8.7 and postgres 7.3.4.

I have tried to import it using File->Import Qif and the other option
file type(my current gnucash flat file).

I have also tried to export the accounts so that they could possible be
re-imported(nothing seems to be exported).

Lastly I have opened the flat file in gnucash and then done a File->Save
As using postgres://local... as the path.

Is it not possible to convert a current flat file to postgres?

Mike G <mike at>

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