Scheduled Transactions Howto?

Sebastien Millet milletse at
Wed Nov 5 03:02:01 CST 2003


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> > The way i do is to normally enter the transaction in the ledger,
> > then right click and select "Cédule" (sorry for the french word, i
> > think the english translation is "Schedule").
> > 
> > Another way is, in the accounts window, by going in the "Actions"
> > menu,"Scheduled transactions" (again, it may not be the exact
> > english word) submenu, and select "Scheduled transactions editor"
> > (approximate english word). A window pops up and you can add, remove
> > or modify your scheduled transaction.
> > 
> > Hope this helps, and please forgive my poor english :-)
> You're English is great!

Thanks :-)

> I have managed to add/remove scheduled
> transactions using the editor in this way. How do I set the amount of
> the scheduled transactions? For example I have an ADSL subscription
> and I am charged £27.99 a month to my credit card - I would like to
> set that up to debit my credit card once a month on the 22nd.

When you create a new scheduled transaction in the scheduled transaction
editor, you fill the name, frequency, etc in the upper part of the
dialog. Then in the lower part your enter the transaction as you would
do in the ledger, one line removing £27.99 from your account, another
one crediting your ISP of the same amount, with a description to know
what it is when it appears in your ledger.
Just one thing : dont use the ENTER key (for example to select something
in a list), as it will activate default Cancel button, prefer the Tab
When you have finishied entering all data, click ok and confirm the
popup asking about validating the new template transaction.

> I think I have it set up for the 22nd, but I can see no price. I don't
> know what I am supposed to write in the formula box - I just want the
> same price each month!

I don't know where is the "formula box", but you have to enter the price
in the ledger-like part at the bottom of the window, named "Template

> I really appreciate the help thus far - thank you!

You're welcome.


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