entry transaction not only at bottom

doug foskey lemans4 at dodo.com.au
Thu Nov 6 22:47:33 CST 2003

On Thursday 06 November 2003 09:57 pm, you wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 06:22, doug foskey wrote:
> > GC already has an insert transaction feature. Go to the entry next,
> > appox, of where it will go, insert a blank entry (or 2, 3, 4 etc) then
> > enter data. It will move on the screen, as it goes after the last daily
> > entry for the enter date. I use this often.
> i have gnucash-1.8.7, perhaps it's implemented in something more
> recent?  where is the command (what menu)?

Its a fudge: (sorry) Go to a transaction, duplicate, edit the date back to the 
same as the original (as the date defaults to last entered date), then edit 
the contents.
  If you want multi blank lines, use the last blank entry, but enter 0 in the 
amount column, & save the entry. Now you can use that saved blank entry to 
duplicate to an earlier date, then work in the area required. (Hint: if you 
need this often, save that blank entry with a forward date, so it always 
remains on the line above the blank.)

regards Doug

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