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Fri Nov 7 16:13:50 CST 2003

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 11:12:56PM -0700, Derek Neighbors was heard to remark:
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> Question from the bleachers....
> Would it make the most sense to just finish a gtk2 port and not spend
> time refactoring code (which is probably what would have to occur to
> change something like thtis) until that is done?

Nah, because its sufficiently modular that the pieces don't affect each 
other.   The code I'm touching has 0.000% gnome code in it, and barring
the occasional accident, I haven't altered any code with gnome in it.

In addition to adding the book closing feature, I'm also changing the
core object model with the intent of making many things much much easier,
not just the sql backend (which I'm hoping to dive into soon),  but
other things as well.   

Yes, hampton probably appreciates assitance with gnome2, but hey, as 
long as several people can work on things without bumping into each 
other, why not?


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