1/1000000 fraction traded only yields .00001 accuracy

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Nov 10 00:12:46 CST 2003

andy <dovienya at diatribes.org> writes:

> hello -
> i'm using gnucash 1.8.7 on debian sid, and the fraction traded doesn't  
> seem to be represented correctly.
> in the commodity editor i have Fraction traded: 1000000.  whenever i  
> open gnucash, however, those accounts have only been saved with  
> a .00001 share accuracy.  i've also tried setting the Smallest Fraction  
> field in the account editor, but that has no effect either.
> am i doing something wrong?  i've been unable to find a solution or  
> workaround in the list archives or the documentation.

Nope, there are a number of hard-coded fraction (display) limitations
on the order of 10^-6 which you can hit pretty frequently when dealing
with really small fractions.

Submit a bug report whenver you find one.

> tia!
> 	andy


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