Compiling on Mac OS 10.3 - Panther

ghaverla at ghaverla at
Mon Nov 10 05:21:16 CST 2003

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 adamek at wrote:

> I've got almost all of the dependencies installed except for 
> html-tableextract-pm. I'm using fink on Mac OS X 10.3 - Panther. Does 
> anyone have any suggestions? I've listed the message I get below. I get 
> the same errors whether installing or reinstalling.
> Help?
> sudo /sw/bin/fink  reinstall html-tableextract-pm
> Warning: prerequisite HTML::Parser 0 not found.

Someone is assuming that you have (far) more perl modules
installed than you really do.  It is looking for a perl module
called HTML::Parser to have been installed on your machine.

I suppose you could visit a CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive
Network) site and manually download the HTML:Parser module,
compile it, then go back to gnucash and fink and restart the make
process there.  I don't know if HTML::Parser depends on another
perl module, which you might not have (yet).  Probably the best
thing to do, is to get the module installed and working on
your machine.  Then you would do something like:
 perl -MCPAN -e shell
 install HTML::Parser
and perl would recursively install HTML::Parser and all the things
it needs (some things might need a C compiler, but I think you
already have that on your machine).

I have no idea if there is an easy way to get the CPAN module
installed on your machine, or if it is there already.  There is a
manual way of getting installed, and it is sort of
documented at the perl site.

Is this enough instructions, or do you need this expanded more?


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