gnucash on mac os x

adamek at adamek at
Thu Nov 13 22:17:14 CST 2003

It took almost a week, but I finally got GnuCash working on my system 
again. Granted, I've been working on other things on my computer too. 
My hard drive died a couple of weeks ago and I just got my computer up 
and running a week ago. I've been recovering all of my other documents 
and applications. I also upgraded it to Panther when I got the new hard 
drive.  Getting everything installed through Fink took a lot more work 
than the first time I installed GnuCash about six months ago. I think I 
was running 1.8.5 before, now I'm running 1.8.7

I'm having a bit of a problem printing. When I preview printing a 
check. It looks fine, but when I create a PDF file every space 
character displays something that looks like a capital S with a 
squiggle on the bottom of it.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how 
to get printing to work with OS 10.3 Panther? I have a PowerMac G4 and 
a Canon S820 printer.


Adam Ek

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