Setting counters

Roy Nicholl RNicholl at
Fri Nov 14 13:05:40 CST 2003


We have a numbering system for employees, clients, suppliers, as well as
  invoices, Purchase orders [which are still outside GNUCash :( ], and
vendors bills.

In our world the following applies:

Employees #:	sequential from 000001
Client #:	sequential from 100001
Supplier #:	sequential from 200001

Likewise with invoices, POs and bills:

Invoices #:	sequential from 100000
Bill #:		sequential from 200000
PO #:         	[presently same as Bill #],
		but may change to sequential from 300000

We also have Employee expenses which we enter as regular invoices with a
number format of yyyymm-emp# - I tried using the "new" expense voucher
features but needed the taxation features of an invoice [so we could
track input tax credits].

Through a little experimentation, I believe I have discovered how to set
the default invoice number.

In the following section at the head of account file:

     <slot:value type="frame">
         <slot:value type="integer">1</slot:value>

I changed
	<slot:value type="integer">1</slot:value>
	<slot:value type="integer">100000</slot:value>

This appears to work...

Now, what are the attribute value pairs for bill, employee, customer,
and vendor?



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