Capital gains when selling stock

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Fri Nov 14 16:29:26 CST 2003


  When selling stock there is usually a capital gain or
 loss associated with the sale.  However, I've never 
 accounted for this income within gnucash. I looked at
 the example in the Concepts Guide for dealing with the
 income and the example would seem to introduce errors
 into the asset calculations.

   If one makes a simple stock sale and transfers the
 proceeds to some cash account the total assets will
 include the the profit. If just this pair of balanced
 transactions is entered the total assets will be correct. 
 Income will be incorrect and not reflect the profit as
 no income entry is made. 

   However, in the Guide example one also sets up a
 pair of balanced transactions within the split. An 
 Income:Capital Gain account is charged with the profit
 and an entry to Asset:MyStock-RealizedGain is made to
 balance the profit. So now, the income total will be
 correct but the Asset total will be incorrect because
 the total now includes the money placed in the bank 
 (which included the profit) as well as the profit in
 the Asset:MyStock-RealizedGain. In effect, the profit
 has been "counted" twice as an Asset.
  I can't figure out a way to make both the Asset and Income
 totals come out right. Any ideas about the proper way 
 to do this?  Alternatively, am I looking at this thing
 upside down somehow?  


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