Compiling against compiled gnome 2.4

Robert Zaleski rzaleski81 at
Mon Nov 3 10:24:57 CST 2003

Hey all,
     I'm running RedHat 9 with just the basic compiled X windows from Redhat and I recompiled 2.4 myself.  Anyways I don't have gnome-config and from reading on the site it seems I need gnome-1.4 for gnucash.  I just wanted to make sure this is still the case and was curious if there's short term plans to make gnucash  gnome-2.4 compatible soon.  Or if I can compile against gnome-2.4 without another version of gnome what do I need, I don't see gwrap in the 2.4 sources.  
Thanks and keep up the Great work,
     Robert Zaleski

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