define events and reminders in gnucash?

Ming Zhang mingz at
Tue Nov 18 08:00:52 CST 2003

hi, I have a question on how to use it to define events or reminders to
manage the bank account and credit card. 

for example, for the credit card, we have credit line, cash advance
line, and statement pay due date. for bank account, we have minimum
balance requirement to avoid the charge.

i wonder if we can have an event management mechanism to notify and
warning the user if some conditions happen. 

for example, my credit card has $2k credit line, then when i use to
$1800, it should be able to remind me with different color or a warning
sound that i should shift to use another card, otherwise i may exceed
the credit line. or it can remind me that i did not pay its statement
for quite a time.

i believe we need such reminders in many places.

any solution? thanks.


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