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John Wilkes john at
Fri Nov 28 10:08:33 CST 2003

On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, David Ayers wrote:

> Forgive all the questions, but I am having a little trouble
> installing 1.8.8 on my SUSE 8.2. The distribution comes with 1.8.0
> which, I am told, is very buggy.

I am running 1.8.7 on SuSE 8.2, installed with the Advanced Package
Tool (APT).  I highly recommend APT and the Synaptic user interface
for SuSE.  The combination provides a great user interface to updated
packages built for SuSE.  Synaptic tells me that the latest available
GnuCash version (built for SuSE) is still 1.8.7.

Check out which has the latest GNOME
software built for SuSE Linux.  Look in the upper left corner of the
web page for a link to the APT Installation Guide.

Additionally, the APT For SUSE howto:

You'll still need to use YAST to get the official SuSE stuff because
APT uses APT repositories.  APT is a wrapper around RPM and respects
the RPM database, so you can continue to use other installation front

APT and Synaptic rock on SuSE, especially for good GNOME support.

> For openers, I think I will forego Quicken billpay in favor of my
> bank web site bill-paying feature.

I don't use Quicken billpay, and my bank charges me for the privilege
so I'm still writing checks the old fashioned way - on my laser

> I also will probably start tracking my stock portfolios by posting
> from monthly statements, but I hope to get the portfolio update to
> work at some point in time.

I have the online price update feature working.  Installing
Finance::Quote was a bit of a challenge.  Along the way I discovered
that the Net::FTP package does not default to passive mode.  You can
enable it by setting the FTP_PASSIVE environment variable and/or by
having the line "passive_ftp = on" in the /root/.wgetrc file when you
run update-finance-quote.

> Good luck with your jettisoning of Quicken. I'm convinced that, with
> all the good support online for gnuscash, that we will never look
> back.

I think I've figured out everything for my own setup.  I decided to
start fresh instead of importing my Quicken data, though I may import
at some point to have access to the historical stuff.  This was a
perfect opportunity to revamp my chart of accounts (and Quicken
"categories") as you mentioned wanting to do.

Good luck!

John Wilkes
john at wilkes dot com

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