Account summary report

Vincent V vincentv at
Mon May 10 12:07:06 EDT 2004

GNUcash 1.8.6
Is there a minor bug in the Account summary report?

When use the report to determin the VAT I owe, I get this

    Account name                        Balance
    VAT                                   £0.00
       i/p                                £37.92
       o/p                  £0.00
                 Reverse    £0.00
                 Sales     £246.75
           Total o/p                      £246.75
       Total VAT           £248.67
    Total Liabilities                      £208.83

    Total                                -£208.83

VAT is a liability - total VAT I must pay over: a positive number means
I owe VAT, a negative number means the tax man owes me.
i/p is VAT that I have payed and can reclaim (so its an asset)
o/p is the VAT I must charge (a liability).
VAT is therefore the difference between the two, the net liability.

In the main accounts this works perfectly, but because VAT is payed in
arrears for set periods, I need to take a snapshot of the accounts for
the last day of that period - hence the Account Summary Report. I leave
this report permanently on the sidebar and simply use 'Options' to
change the snapshot date for the next VAT period.

Now (the point), the Total VAT figure in the report has added i/p and
o/p together when it should have taken the difference (as it does in the
main accounts) becuse one is an asset and the other a liability; the
figure should be the same as 'Total' - which is correct.


Also, is it possible to re-order the reports on the sidebar (move up/down)?

I say this because I have several 'permanent' reports on the sidebar
(VAT reports, invoice printing, customer data etc), each set up to
collate / display the data as I want it and I use 'Options' to change
accounting periods, invoice numbers etc. The trouble is that they are
displayed in the order that I created them and would be better grouped
more logically. I'm sure you could edit the book file to do this, but I
haven't done that in case I mess it up - do you move a section of 'code'
to a new position or does a number determin its position?



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