Need help with multi account split

Volker Englisch volker at
Mon May 10 01:33:22 EDT 2004


I just started using GC last month and I'm trying to set up a multi 
account split.  I know I've seen an answer to this within the last 6 
months but I've searched the archives and couldn't find it anymore.

My question is this:
I'm paying the full cable bill from my checking account but I'm actually 
splitting the bill with my mother-in-law and I don't know how to track 
her portion of the bill in GC.
Currently I have the entry in my Checking register like this:

Cable - Comcast     Asset:Current Asset:Checking             100
Cable, my part      Expense:Cable                     60
Cable, MIL part     Income:Cable                      40

This creates a negative income entry in the Income account which I don't 
know if this will create problems later on.

Would this be OK as a setup?

Thanks for the help and to Derek and all of the other GC developers 
thanks for a great tool.  I've used MS Money for the last 4 years and I 
was fairly happy with it but it was just getting too slow for me to 
continue with it. Entering a transaction could take up to 60 sec for the 
cursor to come back.  For someone paying the bills at night after the 
kids are in bed that's too much time waiting and not to fall asleep. :-)


     Volker Englisch

mailto:Volker at    (h)

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