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"RVH> We have been using GnuCash for several months for a small business 
"RVH> (bridal shop) with a dozen or so invoices per day. The 'tared' weekly 
"RVH> data files are huge, > 500M!
"RVH>  Is this normal or do we have configuration problems?

It might be 'normal'.  GnuCash is very 'paranoid' about keeping backup
copies and creating log files.  Everytime you save things and/or fire
GnuCash up, you get another 'backup' and 'log' file, a file whose name
consists of a long digit string (like '20040501084914') and ending with
either .xac and/or .log.  You can *probably* just delete the older
versions of these files. from time to time.  Maybe a weekly or monthly
cron job to delete the older versions of these file.

I use GnuCash for pretty much just balancing my checkbook and maybe fire
up GnuCash once a day, but sometimes skip firing it up for 2-3 days at a
time, so the 'acclumulation' of backup and log files is not so large.

"RVH> thanks
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