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Ashvin Goel ashvin at
Sat May 15 10:53:10 EDT 2004

I have tax-deferred retirement accounts (somewhat similar to 401K in the
US) and these are needed for calculating Canadian taxes. I file them as
assets and have marked these accounts as "tax related". However, they
don't show up on the tax report. If I change these accounts to be income
or expense accounts, then they show up in the tax report, but these
accounts are not expenses or income.


Derek Atkins wrote:
> In what way are the assets important to your taxes?  generally taxes
> only care about your income and expenses, except in the rare case of
> tax-deferred savings accounts.
> Are you sure you marked the account as "tax related"?
> -derek
> Ashvin Goel <ashvin at> writes:
>>The tax reports in gnucash don't seem to pick up categories under
>>assets or liabilities. I have retirement related categories that I
>>file under assets and these categories are important for my tax
>>purposes but they don't show up in the tax reports. These categories
>>are not income or expenses. Is there something I am missing?
>>Ashvin Goel
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