Hello, My name is Roberto and I'm a Microsoft Money user...

Englisch, Volker (NIH/NCI) volker at mail.nih.gov
Mon May 17 14:06:39 EDT 2004

> 1) Printing. In Money, when I enter a check transaction I have the 
> option to choose 'Print' for check number, checks therefore queue to be 

This is certainly not for everyone but I avoid writing checks as much 
as possible and use automated banking offered by my credit union. :-)

> 3) Forecast. In MSMoney, I can take a look at a nice graph that shows 
> (given all scheduled transactions) the curve of available moneys in a 

I have switched last month to GnuCash because of this feature.  It's 
nice to look at but it slowed down processing on my 400MHz machine to
a point that wasn't bearable for me anymore.

> Has anyone perchance written a how-to for us poor MSMoney or Quicken 
> users? How to get through the shock?

I had long debated what to do with my historic data and I decided to 
start with a clean plate.  I imported all of my MS-Money data into
GC so that I can access the historic data if and when I need to but
I started from scratch and created a new file for all future transactions.
I felt more comfortable using the predefined GC accounts rather then 
importing the MS-Money Income/Expense components.

I wanted to switch to GC after a budgeting module was available but in
fact, I almost never was able to use the budgeting tool in MS-Money 
anyway because of performance issues (waiting > 5 minutes for the budget 
screen to come up).  GC on my 266MHz Linux system runs much faster 
then MS-Money did on my 400MHz PC.


Volker Englisch
Contractor - MSD, Inc.
phone: (301) 496-0102  (CIPS)
mailto:volker at mail.nih.gov

Thanks a lot for your patience and time.

Roberto Leibman
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