CSV again

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 17 20:49:34 EDT 2004


Vasil Vasilev <vasil-gnucash at sychron.com> writes:

> My request is to allow for optional empty cells in the report for the
> totals. This should solve the problem the exporting of reporting into
> "Tab Separated Values", which is more usefull IMHO than CSV as I
> actually have commas in transaction descriptions. Tab's are very
> easily convertable into commas too.

File a bug report.  Better yet, supply a patch.  Otherwise it'll
get added to the queue and happen eventually.

> PS. A while ago I've posted bug/enhancement request (bug 137017) about
> time zone changes problem. Is there any intention to do anything about
> it? (Yes or No will do).

Of course..  Just lack of time (or interest) on the part of the
developers.  We're all busy.  It's in the system, so we wont forget
about it (that's why we use bugzilla).  But it can take months or
years before some requests get handled.

> Thanks again for a great product which you don't sell.

You're welcome.

> Vasil


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