Bill Wisse wiswp at
Sun May 23 22:25:35 EDT 2004

Hi All

I just got myself a new USB HDD and the first thing I wanted to do was to make 
a backup of my Gnucash files.
But I cannot. I can copy anything I like from the HD to the USB drive but not 
the Gnucash files.
To eliminate that the USB drive was at fault I tried to copy the files to a 
directory on the same drive but no luck.
I get the message:
Could not read /home/billy/cash 08-01-03.7f0200.4953 LNK
So everything gets copied until it comes to this LNK.

Anybody an idea what's wrong and how to fix it?
BTW  Gnucash wasn't running when I tried this.
SuSE 9.0 and Gnucash 1.8.7.
Greetings from

/bill at 169 west , 19 south.  
Disclaimer: Any errors in spelling, tact, or fact are
transmission errors."


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