Call for Help: FAQ Organization

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 24 22:09:40 EDT 2004

Go to; click on "FAQ".  Have at it..  If you have
specific questions you can log into and /join #gnucash
and ask me there.


PS: Thanks!!!

Robert Rapp <bert at> writes:

> I haven't seen anyone else respond yet, so in an effort to give back
> to a great product in which I place my trust, I can spare a few hours.
> I just need the info get started.
> Derek Atkins wrote:
>>The FAQ is getting a bit big and could probably use some organization.
>>It's stored in a Wiki, meaning anyone who wants can help out.  So,
>>are there any volunteers to help maintain the FAQ?  You'll definitely
>>have developer support answering questions you don't know yourself.
>>I'd definitely appreciate it if one or two people could offer a few
>>hours to help organize the FAQ!

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