ANNOUNCE: [ ETRACK 0.90 available]

Linas Vepstas linas at
Wed May 26 10:11:48 EDT 2004

Below is announcement for a simple scheme/guile command-line/emacs based 
expense tracking package.


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README excerpt:

  This directory contains etrack, a simple package to track
  expenses: query, add, delete, update.  You can use etrack
  from emacs or from the shell.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.90 | 2004-05-24
    - menu bar disabled also when in console (non-X) mode
    - when entering attributes, `?' displays their full names as a reminder
    - bugfix: command `dump-alist' output now keyed by column (not tuple list)

cvs tag:


tarball, anoncvs instructions and other files in dir:

this release was mostly motivated by a newly learnt (ice-9 format)
`format' directive: `~^' (aka "up and out").  less is more!


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