Upgraded system and GnuCash

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 26 10:26:58 EDT 2004

Josh Sled <jsled at asynchronous.org> writes:

> On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 10:05, John Pettigrew wrote:
>> However, GnuCash is behaving oddly WRT my reports. I have several open by
>> default, and (now I've upgraded) every one of them says (Report not found) as
>> its name in the tab, and the window says
>> My accounts appear to be intact, so it's some oddity with the new setup.
>> GnuCash is 1.8.8, which is what I was using before IIRC.
> Please ensure that 'gconfd1' [_not_ gconfd version 2, but specifically
> 'gconfd1'] is running as a daemon.
> If not, start it with `gconfd1 &` at a command-line.

This isn't the issue..  A missing gconfd-1 would cause GnuCash to
crash, not display "Report not found".

>> Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get this working, or do I just have to
>> recreate all my reports manually?
> Does that work currently?  I.e., can you create a new report along-side
> the broken reports, and see that one work while the others continue not
> to?

You were running 1.8.8 before?  If so your reports should just work
after the upgrade, provided that your home directory (and all its
contents) remained intact across the upgrade).


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