Darin Willits darin at willits.ca
Thu May 27 12:12:52 EDT 2004

> > Not that anyone should ever store finiancial data in anything other than
> > GnuCash, of course! ;)  But it is going to be a while yet before GnuCash
> > supports budgeting directly...
> unless, of course, someone wants to step up and implement budgetting
> for gnucash and submit the patches... (hint hint).  C/Gtk is all
> that's needed.  Scheme is needed only if you want to implement "budget
> reports."

Hint received...  I actually have this (mostly) done for the g2 branch. 
Just haven't had any time whatsoever to look at it recently.  I will try
with all due diligence to get this patch together and submitted soon.


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