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Andy Gower goweropolis at
Mon May 31 13:38:13 EDT 2004

>From: Jean-David Beyer <jdbeyer at>
>With my Mozilla Linux mailer, if I click reply, it goes to the author
>only, not the list. The other reply option is Reply All which sends to the
>list and the author. I hate getting replies like that, because I sometimes
>go to all the trouble to reply, and only the original author gets it. So I
>must ReplyAll, delete the To entry, change the CC entry to To, and then
>send, as I do now. Since no other mailing list seems to do this, I
>frequently forget.

I just set up my first Mailman mailing list yesterday.  In the options, you 
can designate what should be in the reply-to field of mailing list message.  
It is defaulted to "sender" (also recommended in the commentary underneath 
the option), but it can be changed to list.  For my personal use, I changed 
it to "mailing list", because I am aware of people who like to just hit 
reply and send to the list.  I don't know why they recommend sender though.  
I'm sure there's a good reason.


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