Distributing Distributions

JUNIPER snijuniper at comcast.net
Sun Apr 3 12:50:38 EDT 2005

    From several real estate partnerships I get quarterly income in the 
form of non tax-related "distributions." I set up an account for each 
one, record quarterly distributions as "income:distributions" so I have 
a record of it there, then transfer it to my checking account, where the 
money will actually rest for a short time (I use the separate category 
because although I want to keep track of "real" income, I don't want it 
to get mixed up with taxable income).
    This takes two rather easy steps, but is there a more sensible way 
to do this? I tried using the 'split' feature, but that doesn't seem to 
be appropriate.
    All the help here makes it a pleasure to participate - I hope to be 
able to reciprocate. Thanks to all!


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