Bills not showing up as paid

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Apr 4 20:27:03 EDT 2005

"Russell P. Sutherland" <russ at> writes:

> I am running GnuCash v 1.8.10 on a Debian Linux system:
> $ dpkg -l | grep -i cash
> ii  gnucash        1.8.10-10      A personal finance tracking program
> ii  gnucash-common 1.8.10-10      A personal finance tracking program
> ii  gnucash-docs   1.8.5-1        Documentation for gnucash, a personal financ
> My problem lies in the fact that once I enter a Bill:
> 	Business->Vendor->New Bill
> and then make the bill payment using:
> 	Business-Vendor->Find Vendor->Select Vendor->Vendors Bills
> upon subsequent looks at the Vendors Bill the Paid flag
> is left unchecked, even though the Bill has indeed been paid.
> The proper amount has been transferred from the:
> 	Assets:Chequing Bank Account Register
> to the
> 	Liabilities:Accounts Payable Register
> and the proper amount appears in the appropriate Expense Account.
> Is there a bug or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

Are you using Business -> Vendor -> Process Payment to pay the bill?
Or are you just entering a payment transaction by hand?

It sounds like the latter, which is why it doesn't notice that you
haven't paid your bills.

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