horrible crash HELP

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at farwestbilliards.com
Fri Apr 8 21:39:19 EDT 2005

Okay, running 1.8.10. Have been using for a few months pretty smooth, 
but here is what has just happened.

Updating some reports and I noticed that some of the numbers weren't 
adding up right. This happens now and then and I just save the file, 
exit, restart and all works great. So I did that, came back in and I 
notice some of my SX aren't right. The actual transaction information is 
missing. hmm... now it gets fuzzy because all of the sudden I'm looking 
at my blank terminal session and the prompt. okay. so I restart and it 
gives me the "can't obtain a lock" problem and I click "open anyway" as 
I know it was saved... then it tries to open the file and kicks out to 
the terminal "Segmentation Fault"


I try a different file by using the command line to select the file 
name. This one seg faults too... Then (2 out of 3 businesses down, why 
not keep going?) I pull up the third one by launching gnucash, when it 
says "can't obtain lock"  I choose "create new file" or whatever it is. 
Then I cancel out of the wizard and use the "open recent" menu to open 
the third business. It works fine. So then I turn off the SX autorun as 
that was the last thing I messed with AND this third file has no SX. Try 
to open the other files -- same problem - Seg Fault kills the program.



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