Reconcilliation Woes

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Wed Apr 13 17:02:10 EDT 2005

* Rich Shepard (rshepard at wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> >Its always wrong in that it grabs the register balance on the statement
> >closing day. While it may on occasion be the right number, it is never the
> >right number because the proper number is the closing balance from the bank
> >statement. make sense?
> Andrew,
>   I don't know where it gets the number that's off. It's not the last 
>   balance
> on the register and it's not the closing balance on the bank statement.

It's the net value of the account as of the date of the statement.
Change the date to something other than the end of the month, and the
amount will change.  Unless every single entry is represented on the
bank statement (and vice versa), which includes bank charges and
interest, the two numbers will not be identical.  If it's a credit
card statement, and your entries are up to date, then they might be.
I don't think it's a bad thing that gnucash's notion of the
end-of-month net is displayed.  At least that warns you that there are
missing entries.



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