gnucash-user Digest, Vol 25, Issue 16

Benjamin So allegro at
Sun Apr 17 12:52:30 EDT 2005

Hi Nicolas,

I'm not sure if this suits your needs, but I found another workaround 
to this problem. In my accounts tree, I have the following sub-tree:


All of the above are classified as assets; Assets and Shares are 
denominated in my home currency, whereas the Euros, Francs and $US 
accounts are in the respective currencies. I then list my shares within 
the appropriate account (Euros, Francs or $US) depending on its quoted 
currency. Using this system, there's no problem with any currency 


On 16/04/2005, at 18:00, gnucash-user-request at wrote:

> Derek,
> Thanks for your answer.
> Yes i would like to have some enhancement trough a patch to be able to
> use all my accounts correctly.
> To be sure regarding my requirements, here is a sort of summary:
> I am using Gnucash with the Euro as a default currency and also in all
> report.
> I have two bank accounts:
> - one in Euro, Bank A
> - one in USD, Bank B
> I have three brokers for trading:
> 1) one in Euro when i buy stocks in Europe linked to Bank A
> 2) one when i buy stocks outside Europe (mainly US) linked to bank A <-
> working only if i enter each USD transaction converted in Euro,
> fetching price stocks and report are working
> 3) one when i buy stocks in the US only (USD) linked to bank B <- not
> working at all, if i enter the USD price report are wrong when i update
> stocks price, normally i should be able to enter the transaction with
> the origin currency (USD) and got the report converted to my default
> currency <- not working
> --------------
> 1) is working perfectly
> 2) is working only if i convert the origin transaction (USD) to Euro
> before to enter it, but it could be better if i could enter it in USD
> directly, because when i define the stock the currency is USD, why i
> need to enter it in Euro to have it working ?
> 3) is not working at all.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Regards
> Nicolas

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