Sotcks in different currencies with differents bank accounts currencies

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 20 09:22:19 EDT 2005


Nicolas Scheffer <nico at> writes:

> Derek,
> Yes i am running Gnucash from the X11 terminal. I don't see any 
> specific errors or problems on it.
> How to check the priceDB ?

Try the Tools menu

> How to check a value inside the PriceDB ?

It's quite obvious once you bring up the price editor!

> I assume now that transactions seem to be correctly handled and only 
> stocks report seems to be wrong.
> On the stock report, price value is correct for a Euro stock printed in 
> Euro and same for a USD stock printed in USD. The only problem seems to 
> be the value of the stock where i have:
> - Euro stocks are correct
> - USD stock, the value is in Euro but totally wrong
> If it take an example:
> - stock A price is $1.3
> - i got 100 stocks A
> - value in USD is $130
> - value in Euro (if i take 1.3 exchange rate) will be €100
> - Gnucash report shows a €130 value this is the problem

This sounds like it's not translating from USD to EUR; it's just
displaying the value in EUR even though it's computing the value in
USD.  That definitely sounds like a bug in the report.

> Cheers


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