1.8.1 upgrade 1.8.11 doesn't recognize old accounts/files

Bill Pier bpier at mail.com
Wed Apr 20 12:41:07 EDT 2005

Well, I should have done a few other things before complaining, such
as looking at logging and debug.

I tried debugging first by using the GNC_DEBUG env. var. and started
scrutinizing the messages.  Meanwhile the GnuCash app was loading
and to my surprise loaded my existing accounts!  I had done nothing
other than invoke the debug messages. 
Now, even without debug, the app loads my existing accounts just fine;
so what did debug do to the normal code path to cause it to find my

Further, is there a definitive list of dirs/files that should be backed-up?

Here's the list I have accumulated:


.. and this directory my be app specific:

Bill Pier

Derek Atkins wrote:

>GnuCash uses a bunch of files to remember state:
>  $HOME/.gnome/GnuCash
>  $HOME/.gnucash/...
>  $HOME/path/to/your/datafile
>All of these need to be retained across the update.  It sounds like you did not
>save the first of these.  Did you try File -> Open and supply your data file?
>Quoting Bill Pier <bpier at mail.com>:
>>I've searched quite a bit for even a vaguely appropriate
>>answer to my predicament, but to no avail.
>>sitch: upgrade of MDK 9.1 to MDK 10.1
>>    which upgraded GnuCash from 1.8.1 to 1.8.11
>>When GnuCash is started it prompts through its
>>new accounts routine, ignoring the fact that I saved
>>the ~/.gnome/accels/GnuCash, and the dirs/contents:
>>~/.gnucash and ~/gnucash.
>>With such a minor rev. change I would've expected no
>>export step necessary.  It's as if GnuCash doesn't even
>>see the old files/accounts, et. al.
>>Bill Pier
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