Strange problem with balances changing over time

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 22 11:46:58 EDT 2005

By any chance did you modify a transaction that had already been
reconciled?  Doing so will unreconcile the transaction, causing the
reconciled balance to be off.  However this would also cause the
particular transaction to show up again in the reconcile window the
next time you run the reconciliation process.

Usually you can ignore the "starting" balance and just make sure the
ending balance is correct; that will catch this sort of thing.


Baron Schwartz <baron at> writes:

> Hello,
> I have searched around for this but I can't seem to find the magic phrase 
> that brings relevant results.  If you can point me to somewhere that 
> explains what's happening, I'm grateful.
> Some time ago I started to reconcile my Visa account and noticed that the 
> starting balance didn't match my statement.  I looked back at my previous 
> statements and the ending balance was the same as the starting balance of 
> the current statement, so it wasn't a bank error.  I noticed that, in 
> fact, all of the reconciled amounts were off, through all history, as far 
> as I could tell, by the same amount my current starting balance was off.
> I keep my GnuCash file in CVS so I checked out a previous revision and saw 
> the same thing.  I am absolutely certain that my reconciliation brought my 
> balance up to the same thing the bank said!
> I entered an adjustment transaction and thought no more of it.  But today 
> my savings account is off.  So I checked out the version from CVS that I 
> committed after reconciling it last time.  Last time there were no 
> outstanding transactions on my savings account, so the reconciled and 
> actual balances agreed, and yet when I view the *same file* now, it says 
> something different, to the tune of $24.93 less than the bank statement.
> My version is 1.8.9, and /usr/bin/gnucash is dated Nov 29 14:05.  I am 
> pretty sure that I haven't rebuilt GnuCash recently (I'm on Gentoo).  I am 
> not sure that something else, like glibc or something, hasn't changed 
> since Feb 26 when I last reconciled my savings account.  So I'm not sure 
> that it's a GnuCash bug.  But apart from a system library changing, it 
> seems that the only thing that's changed is the system clock.  I set my 
> clock back to Feb 25 and the balance is still off.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance!
> Baron
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