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> <rant> If you've ever tried the (paid) help from QuickBooks you'll really
> know what the pits look like :-).  A reply, if you're lucky enough to get
> one, can take weeks, and it's often useless when you get it.  Tech support
> don't appear to know much about the program and nothing about accounting. 
> At least with GC you get to talk to someone who understands your problem
> and actually wants to help you resolve it. </rant>

Anne, I'll sign your statement. I've said so previously, when Derek (or 
somebody else - in my case it was mostly him) would get  back within 
TIMEFRAME. He knows the program, and makes a *** very unreasonable*** (for 
company standards) effort to help you, going far beyond what any Closed 
Source "Help"-line would do . Need help from MS or Quicken? Well, "answering 
your questions does not come with the support agreement you signed up for, 
but plan $$$$ would" and then you never know whether they solve your problem 
at last.

> > Banks don't even
> > use it any more, not in that way at least.  My bank statement has a
> > single column with checks shown as negative amounts and deposits as
> > positive amounts. The debit/credit, left column/right column business is
> > simply a computational device intended to minimize mistakes by clerks.
> > My computer isn't prone to math mistakes so it isn't needed.
> Again, I disagree.  If there is a problem anywhere you can actually trace
> it with a double entry system, and correct it in a traceable way, too.
Me too. Double entry is used AFAIK everywhere. It is used in Quicken even, but 
toned down so you don't know. The expense categories are nothing other than 
expense accounts. However, you cannot show the expenses ledger wise.

> > So, thanks, but see you later. Take care and I wish you the best.
You (Rod) could try KMyMoney ( Very Quicken 
like on purpose, but no accounting for stocks yet.

GC is very similar to other Sowftware. You grow up with it - wonderful. You 
switch once you *know* how it should work - it is hard to adapt at best. But 
I've used it for 3 years now and it works for me. Adapting wasn't easy all 
the time, though.
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