Stock Value Report....Where is it?

Dj jltindia at
Fri Apr 22 22:40:20 EDT 2005

I have been using Gnucash for a very short time but I
find it to be an amazing and extremely  useful
I was trying to set up my stock prices through
Finance:quotes as described at
I got that configured successfully.

But as soon as I moved to the next section (8.5.5)
Making Stock Value Reports I could not figure out
where I could find this option. I am using gnucash
1.8.11 on Fedora Core 3. gnucash was installed from
the Fedora update servers
I have tried each and every report in each and every
account view I could find but am unable to find one
which co-relates the comoddity price values that
finance:quotes provides with my holdings to give me a
time based report as shown in the doc page listed

Could anybody guide me on where to look...


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