giving up on gnucash

John Sowden jsowden at
Sat Apr 23 15:23:47 EDT 2005

This has been going on for a while.

I agree that gnu-cash does not provide basic accounting features that a 
business might expect.  The problem is that gnu-cash is a personal accounting 
program.  I think a lot of business people thought they (me included) could 
strip out the personal accounts from the chart of accounts and create a gui 
based, basic accounting program that does not cost an arm and a leg, and, 
more importantly, does not marry one to the likes of Intuit or Microsoft.  

Wrong product!

I wonder if those of us should look elsewhere for the same parameters (linux, 
open source, open discussion of future features, low cost, etc.).  I would 
like to hear about other packages that might be more appropriate for the 
small business community.  I still use a DOS package that Intuit bought to 
get off the market ("In House Accountant").  It has Y2K issues, so I am in 
the process of re-writing it under the xBase language, hoping that xBase will 
survive as a multiplatform database language for "local databases".
Any thoughts?
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