Never giving up on Gnucash !

David J Patrick davidjpatrick at
Sun Apr 24 15:59:58 EDT 2005

May I propose the sudden death of (if not the thread) the depressing
subject line ?
Not everyone is happy with it, but show me the application that has 100%
approval !
There will always be folks who bust in with guns blazing and bum
everybody out, but let's just sort the wheat from the chaff, glean the
salient points and buck-up soldiers; we're winning ! gnuCash is a fine
piece of work and the developers are focused, hardworking and
responsive. We all owe you our gratitude for making it this far, and
those of us who can, will do all we can to make gnuCash the kick-ass
financial app that will help propel linux onto the desktops of the
masses. So take a deep breath, shake it off, and stop replying to the
negative subject line.

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