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After reading many messages re: the lack of business features over the last 
week, and a few more over the last few months, I wrote my msg to those who, I 
thought, were asking a personal money management program to fill the shoes of 
a business accounting program.   I apologize to the group, users and 
developers both, for sustaining the thread.

Since the reponses were so strong that gnucash will work for small businesses, 
I am trying again.  The last time I used the program, it was version 1.6 (from 
Suse 8.0).  Now I have 1.8.0 (from Suse 8.2).  I see from the web site that 
the current version is 1.8.11, so my concerns may not be valid.

1) When I click on 'Options' and attempt to add 'Code' to display, the program 
crashes immediately.  This is a consistant issue.  I found that there were no 
codes entered, so I added codes to 2 accounts.  same result.

2) At the web site, I went to the bug section, where I was presented with a 
total of about 1450 bugs, fixed and not fixed.  There does not seem to be a 
search option to search for 'option', and after about 300 bugs, I gavce up 
looking.  Has this bug been fixed, or is it a bug at all, or am I using the 
program improperly.

3) On setting up the initial accounts, assuming that we are starting at the 
beginning of an accounting period (year), there should be no balances in 
income or expenses, other than the previous year's balances, which I have 
neither looked for, not found yet.   At the beginning of the year, without 
getting complicated (partially depreciated fixed assets, etc.), have 
$1,000.00 in the checking account, a debit, and $1,000.00 in the equity 
account, a credit, would make sense, but the program does not let me enter an 
equity balance. . . .

4) The help system is for on line only.  Has this changed?

5) How do I upgrade?  Is there a step by step?  Do I delete the previous 
version first, are my report modifications lost, etc.?
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