Cash basis accounting

Derrick Ashby daeroncs at
Wed Apr 27 19:13:26 EDT 2005

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

>> Cash accounting update:
>> I created an Income->Receipts account, and am now entering an extra
>> transaction to transfer the money from the Income->Sales account when
>> the cheque appears. (I was already doing a similar thing for GST
>> receipts).  I now find that the Profit & Loss report will not allow me
>> to exclude the Income->Sales account, which on a cash basis I don't want
>> to include as income.  This report appears to grab every subaccount of
>> Income and Expenses whatever you select in Options.
> I may be stating the obvious but, did you uncheck the "always use
> subaccounts" box?

You probably are stating the obvious, but no I didn't uncheck it.  Dumb
of me, but surely it shouldn't be possible in an application to specify
two incompatible things - I mean, if there is a checkbox that specifies
that subaccounts will always be included, then you shouldn't be able to
exclude them from the list, and if you exclude subaccounts from the
list, that should automatically uncheck the checkbox?

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