Cash basis accounting

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at
Wed Apr 27 20:35:44 EDT 2005

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Derrick Ashby wrote:
>>Cash accounting update:
>>I created an Income->Receipts account, and am now entering an extra
>>transaction to transfer the money from the Income->Sales account when 
>>the cheque appears. (I was already doing a similar thing for GST
>>receipts).  I now find that the Profit & Loss report will not allow me
>>to exclude the Income->Sales account, which on a cash basis I don't want
>>to include as income.  This report appears to grab every subaccount of
>>Income and Expenses whatever you select in Options.
> I've noticed the same thing.  When I select just a sub-account of 
> income, it does not get counted.  When I select the subaccount and the 
> parent account, all the child accounts get counted.  Perhaps, this 
> should be reported as a defect?

same thing as before, uncheck the "show all sub-accounts" box. And you 
must highlight each parent account all the way up the ladder to get a 
particular sub-account to show up in the report.

> Mark
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